PGPgram, an encrypted online backup solution

PGPgram in action
PGPgram is a GPG encrypted backup/restore tool written in python using TDLib. It locally encrypts your files with GnuPG, before they get sent to telegram cloud.


I've come to hate telegram. At the beginning, they were like "we're gonna open source everything after some time, we care about privacy", then:

So now telegram boasts itself as a privacy champion in the instant messaging space, although previous points tell us quite the opposite. Also, their press material is always very careful with words, so that their statements can easily lead uninformed users to think that their service is secure:
they don't mention that's as true as when you say that Skype is secure, not as when you say that *GNUpg is secure* and you should know why.

So why did I write PGPgram?

I wrote it as proof-of-concept to show that it could be easy to have (whatever) encryption implemented by default on telegram.
Not that counts anyway, because telegram API terms of services indirectly prohibit use of encryption over its servers:

it is forbidden to force users of other telegram clients to download your app to view CERTAIN messages and content sent using your app

which is indeed what an encrypted by default version of telegram would do, even by keeping retrocompatibility.

It should be noted that PGPgram does not violate that rule, since the contents it produce are not meant to be shared with other telegram users.

At the time of writing it would be just a matter of time to convert PGPgram to a full fledged telegram client, using other encryption schemes that preserve message sharing among devices, forward secrecy or secret group chats and bots.


PGPgram is available through the Python Package Index (PyPI). Pip is pre-installed if python >= 3.4 has been downloaded from python.org; if you're using a GNU/Linux distribution, you can find how to install it on this page.
After setting up pip, you can install *PGPgram* by simply typing in your terminal

# pip3 install pgpgram


PGPgram install a command line utility with the same name, pgpgram, that can be used to backup, restore, search and list files. You can invoke command line help with pgpgram --help and get command options with

pgpgram <command> --help

ricerca files
The application requires split, cat, dd, sha256sum and gpg to be present on your system, so maybe macOS users will need to make some aliases. At the moment file deletion is not handled because I reached time limit for unpaid development.


The program is licensed under GNU General Public License v3 or later.
TDLib is licensed under the terms of the Boost Software License.
If you find this program useful, consider offering me a beer, a new computer or a part time remote job to help me pay the bills.

Published: 09 October 2018
Last edited: 18 October 2018
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