Pellegrino Prevete



I am a math student, tutor, hobbyist programmer and wikidatian. I am a free software advocate; I read about cryptocurrencies, too. I'm available for remote and in person tutoring, also for little back-end/front-end works, preferably in python.


  • Daty, cross-platform advanced Wikidata editor;
  •, XMPP istant messaging service provider;
  • PGPgram, an encrypted backup/restore tool on telegram cloud;
  •, website that let children hear what they write in real time;
  • trovotutto, a find replacement tolerant to typos;
  • connotati, command line tool that lets you start GTK+ applications with a given theme or variant;
  • alsangue, the simple CMS I wrote to publish this website.
  • focused window indicator, a GNOME extension that displays currently focused application icon and window title in the top bar.

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